Northland Cohort #1

What you need to Know:

Dates: Wednesdays starting Week 1 - 2nd May 2018 - concluding Week 9 T2 (27th June).

Alternating Venues:

Taipa Area School (Odd Weeks) / Northland College (Even Weeks)

Time: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (Set up from 8:45am)

BYO Food

Tea and Coffees are provided.

Remember to Bring Your:

  • Laptop - most important. iPads do not provide enough range for this course
  • Blog - it will be very helpful to have your own professional blog set up BEFORE you arrive on Friday. Some of you already use one, so are good to go. If you need help with this PLEASE ask your Manaiakalani facilitator during the week. We have a template and Donna, Kerry or Tania could have you up and running in 10 minutes. NB: This is not your class or subject blog. It is YOUR professional space to share your learning.

Useful to have:

  • Smart phone - we include those most sessions
  • Tablets - we will notify you when we have a tablet session in advance

To give you a heads up:

This is a nine week course, designed to build (and increase) confidence and digital fluency in teachers in Manaiakalani and Outreach schools.

Participants range from classroom teachers to principals, primary to secondary, and more.

Prior experience in the digital world ranges from participants who have never owned a personal digital device through to people who could be teaching this course. Educator experience ranges from first year teachers to 40+ years of teaching!

The eclectic mix adds greatly to the richness of learning experiences.

The nine days cover a wide range of digital tools and apps and each day is a prerequisite to the next ie the course is designed to build knowledge progressively.

Introductions: DFI Northland Cohort T2 2018

Agenda Docs & Resources