DFI Online Tuesday

Term 2

During this time where we are all staying at home DFI will continue. We will be running weekly sessions by utilising Google Meet. Here are some essential details for you to help make this online experience effective for everyone:

  • Time: 8:00 - 3:00pm - Meet links will be live from 7:45am. There will be scheduled break times throughout the day.
  • Online meeting etiquette: There is quite a number of participants in this cohort, so it is really important for us all to follow the following guidelines to ensure that things run smoothly
    • Keep your microphone muted unless you are speaking.
    • Try to keep your camera on but if your internet can't cope feel free to turn it off after our meet and greet.
    • Questions are encouraged! Feel free to use the chat bar - There will be plenty of facilitators to support you.
    • Set yourself up in a cosy spot, but make sure that your location has good lighting. Think carefully about what is in your background.
  • Setting yourself up:
    • If at all possible, have two devices set up. One for accessing the online meeting and the other for accessing the learning content. This will make navigating the day easier.

Agenda Docs & Resources

1. Core Business, Tuesday Online Cohort: 2020

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