2023 DFI Dates

Term 1

Online DFI - Wednesday, starting 8 February

Term 2

Christchurch: Face to Face - Wednesday, starting 26 April

Online DFI - Thursday, starting 27 April

Auckland: Face to Face - Friday, starting 28 April

Term 3

Horowhenua: Face to Face - Wednesday, starting 19 July

Online DFI - Friday, starting 21 July

Term 4

Online DFI - Starting Friday 6 October, then Wednesdays through to 29 November

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About The Digital Fluency Intensive

In 2017 the Manaiakalani Principals in partnership with the Manaiakalani Education Trust decided to pilot a new approach to supporting effective teachers in their quest to become "At Home in Digital World". All our 3000+ learners now live in a digital world, and the majority of them are now being educated in digital learning environments, so it is essential that:

  1. Our teachers are supported to acquire fluency using the basic tools our young people use for learning

  2. Our teachers are supported to acquire fluency using the basic tools required for effective teaching, planning, assessment and professional learning

  3. Our teachers are supported to understand how digital technologies used effectively can have a significant impact on accelerating achievement outcomes

  4. Our teachers are supported to understand how the Manaiakalani pedagogy and kaupapa has been co-constructed over more than a decade to maximise the impact of effective teaching and learning in a digital learning environment.

Manaiakalani teachers (including those in our Outreach schools) have the opportunity to join a professional learning group to learn together, following a programme designed to meet these four key goals. The Digital Fluency Intensive releases them from class one day a week for nine consecutive weeks. The cluster calendar is populated with the dates for each PLG cohort.

Digital Fluency Intensive Overview

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DFI Response to Distance Learning : 2020

At the commencement of the level four lockdown all current DFI cohorts transitioned to online sessions. Participants from five regional groups were merged into two online cohorts for the remainder of their sessions. Forty seven educators across the two groups completed their DFI journeys during the nationwide lockdown. We are so proud of the teachers and principals across Aotearoa who have volunteered to continue their own intensive professional learning whilst adapting to totally new teaching and learning environments, providing quality learning experiences and supporting the wellbeing for their tamariki.

In order to continue to provide professional learning opportunities for teachers in Term 2, two additional online cohorts were launched at the start of May. These sixty nine teachers from across all regions will complete all nine DFI sessions online.

Further DFI cohorts will be available in Term 3 in both regional face to face and online formats.